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DUMPSTERS HAVE EYES! Unveiling today at 3pm

Today (June 30) at 3pm in the east alley of 82nd Street between 121-122 Avenues, everyone is welcome to gather to unveil the faces of community residents who have their ‘eyes on the alley‘.

Having identified illegal dumping along the 82 Street alley as a concern, the 82 Street Team have opted to apply a unique approach to a common community issue.¬†Taking on the theme “no illegal dumping here, there are eyes on the alley” the 82 Street Team, residents, and local agencies have collaborated to transform an alleyway, once riddled with mattresses, graffiti and couches, into a community gallery. The area surrounding the garbage bins, once a dumping ground, now features the faces of residents who are invested who are invested in their community and looking to take their alley back.


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